Bee Sides

by Kerri meets Carrie

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Peel your world skin off Fold it on the table Love being clean As best as you’re able Purer than Now Tell me who could deny you? This is how I Love you now that Everything you are is even less than what you Started with… I don’t mind I don’t I don’t mind Right now I couldn’t love you more… Tear that great wall down Really it doesn’t suit you… What’s in that heart? Call it the truth… And let it all out…. Really who could resist you? This is how I This is how I’m whole again… While you’re lonelier without that within…. I don’t mind… Little martyr – love the halo… Little dirty – From that ostrich hole in the ground… Brother Judas Tell your mother You’re not perfect – Like the others… And you’re Lonelier without – you’re lonelier without…. Than within…..
You're like old Ezekiel's Wheel Maybe there but not quite real I still don't know what you think or how you feel Ooh don't throw your love away Don't go rolling like the track beneath the train Don't throw your love away You've been on your own so long That whenever anything goes wrong You just wanna cut your losses and move on Oh don't throw your love away.... Please don't fail the test of fear Like a coward disappears It takes more than pride to stay when no one wants you here.... Oh don't throw your love away Don't go rolling like the track beneath the train Don't go running from your past and from your pain Don't throw your love away....
Little angels, little armies Little wonder I find it all so charming Little else to do but feel too large Little changes are usually so hard I can blur the words that make you hurt until you're sure You've found what's wrong with me now You know? you're nowhere near I can cross the line dividing sight and blindness When you find you've lost me somehow The sign says, "You are here" On the water On the land On the road and back again Little wisdoms always change my mind But it won't stay still for any length of time Little movement always makes me crazy I go looking for something else to save me.... I can blur.... Back again Back inside - back again To where you can't find me....
I had a dream, you were an angel with borrowed wings From a lesser God Stalking darkness for the danger - heaven wept for what you lost You are fire I am ether, we could burn this city down Don't you find it hard to breath here, With your feet so on the ground No more riding that railroad to what you never had Baby that's too damn easy When the good goes bad No more hiding in the shadows of what you think you need Baby that's just another excuse When it hurts to feel I had a dream you were an orphan with raven hair And a killer's eyes Shooting lovers down like morphine Calm and cool and sanctified Even walking with St. Andrew you're like murder carved in stone Given rope enough, you'll hang him Just to prove you are alone... No more riding that railroad..... I had a dream you were in heaven - I woke up in a cold sweat I know you must be ion there somewhere I just haven't found you yet I used to think you were a victim - will the real ones please stand up And everybody else sit down here, The cheap seats can't see the front No more riding that railroad....
I don't know the reason I don't want to be sure I don't ask the questions I don't care any more I don't mean to hurt you I don't know why I do Because you're so damn easy To die for To lie to These are all the things I give you These are all the things I take away... I don't need your comfort I can't feel a Goddamned thing I don't mind you coming here But I don't like the truth you bring I don't mean to push you Too far to get you back You say I don't love you Don't you think I know that?
I got the biggest house on my street I got the nicest car you'll ever see Baby I have everything that you have not I can never get enough of what I got I need a bigger kick here, I need a faster ride now I need a quicker fix here, higher high now Now, I want it all and I want it now I got a saviour - an instant God And he tells me I'm perfect when I'm not I got more money than I have friends But at least I never have to share a cent I need a bigger kick.... Build a glass house, get the stones out But don't you doubt that I have the connections Dig a cold grave - get the beds made The sheets are stained with aimless indirection What I don't see, I can still need It really has to be in my collection But I don't mind if you'd like To admire my perfection... I need a bigger kick here...
You know when it was cold outside You looked warm enough to touch Running from an empty life I picked a vice, and called it love Now I feel it in my bones It's less than zero here in bed When you're in the room I'm more alone Pallid silence in my head When I look too closely at our shallow little life I can't help but wonder How am I supposed to survive If I'm just a baby doll Am I broken when I fall If I'm only Angel Eyes Am I worthless when I cry? If I'm just a little charm that you dangle on your arm Then I'll have to sell my soul - 'cos I'm feeling Less than whole Nothing seems to matter anymore My face all painted like a clown Thinking heaven is brutal goal: It sets you up to let you down I watch you turn the tv on And just like that, I've been dismissed Has it always been this wrong? Pallid silence in your kiss When I look too closely at how little you expect I can't help but wonder How much of this penance is left? If I'm just a baby doll... And I've just been struck by lightning And I guess this must be Hell And I think we're probably fighting 'Cos I'm losing myself When I look too closely at our shallow little death I can help but wonder How much emptier does this get? If I'm just a...
Opened up dreams, presents from Nevermore Smooth at the seams - silent they roam Lost were their words No one's there anymore Maybe they heard that God wasn't home Once, like an island in time I was alive And bright And shiny like heaven Once I was open and strong I just don't know What I did wrong But the island is gone Let the wind blow - nobody's listening It's not like it knows secrets to tell Let the sun fall The heat's been so blistering The fairest of all went crazy as hell Once, like an island.... If the sky were to open wide Would I only find innocent rain? If the air weren't so cold tonight Would I know why I'm running again? Once, like an island....
A heart shaped razor – Garbage bags and bitchy wives And out on the dance floor, two backed beasts Embrace the night – You’re stained with perfection – I’m semi bored of wholesome dreams But thank you for offering – All that really means is shut your mouth and tell your circle Everything you are is worth a lot less Than the credit you give it but It’s your lie – you live it… It’s not your mercy and you should know that It’s only water and you can’t go back now It’s not your mercy that makes me angry it’s only water It’s only me… We broke bread in Eden – and ever since I’ve been ashamed And begged for forgiveness for the meaning of my name And wandered the desert – 40 years and all in vain But thanks for the memories, although they’re all the same And why you talk and never listen Makes no sense to me but this is nothing Compared to my bad luck Why don’t you just shut the fuck up? It’s not your mercy that leaves me cold at night It’s not that vice-like grip around my faith It’s not that worthless sense of no direction It’s only fear that it’s too late…
Open wide and the door slams shut – ask yourself are you good enough? I could try to let you in but it burns when you touch my skin Why this should hurt so much – I must admit I don’t understand It’s a heartache, it’s a heartache You’re a heartache that I didn’t plan We were never kindred souls – one part real and less than whole Never making it by half – though we’re bent enough to snap Maybe I pushed you away – maybe you walked off on your own… It’s a heartache, it’s a heartache You’re a heartache I should face alone It’s a heartache, it’s a heartache You’re a heartache that hits too close to home…. And I need to learn some lessons on faith And I need to learn some lessons on grace And I need to let some memories go And I need to let some feelings show And I’ve been running hard for years And I’m just stunned to finally find you find you here…. It’s a heartache – it’s a heartache You’re a heartache that I always feared It’s a heartache – please don’t come too near…. It’s a heartache I should face alone…..


It seems pretentious calling this an album. This is a collection of demos that didn't make the cut. Help yourself.


released June 6, 2020


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Princess Carrie Graham

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