Sea Sides

by Kerri Meets Carrie

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I really don't mind if I'm a joke no one laughs at I really don't see beyond this all time low I really don't care if I've offended you deeply I really don't care if you love me as long as you need me Somewhere in this army Someone has to know Why the angels only come here When there's nowhere left to go..... Peace and harmony that's your thing, man I don't believe in love, don't believe it exists Peace and harmony that's your thing, man I might believe in love, if I was more like you So perfect, so perfect I look in your eyes sometimes and feel almost nothing Except this empty sens of wasted time It gets around when you've been out in the trenches I may be down, but I sure as hell ain't defenseless Someone had to tell you Someone you'd believe Somebody will love you someday, It just won't be me.... Peace and harmony..... Maybe I've heard your dreams But I do not understand I know that means I'm heartless, but I can't Tell you how I know this Or tell you how to change this I do not know myself.... Peace and harmony...
Sunset – Fire escape The dirty light is finally telling your age Some things gotta change ‘Cos we can’t always be stuck in this place and Someday a miracle’s gonna happen Someday we both will have it all Someday I promise we’ll inherit the earth Just wait ‘til Rome falls It’s so hard to believe When you never seem to get what you need It’s right there and then it’s gone And then you’ve got to find the will To go on… Sometimes my hearts wants to break When I watch that sun set so hard on your face You look broken and tired and aged And more than a little betrayed… Nothing left but a dream You start thinking maybe nothing has meaning But there’s hope – even now Baby I don’t know when or where or how… But someday….
These souvenirs you sell Are just pieces of yourself This is body - this is soul Another part torn from the whole These pockets full of change Are symbols, dark and strange... They move beneath the night - Rumble underground like lightning Turning grey to black and white... Here the windmills turn the tides And Rumpelstiltskin takes his bride To all the places no-one gets around to going to Here the vampires kiss the sun And snake oil salesmen hand out guns To sideshow barkers shouting Come inside... For the ride of a lifetime... Once lost and never found You spoke the words aloud For the father and the son The war is over, the battle's won And these trinkets you can keep Like secrets warm and deep One is Love and one is Fame One is every time you've claimed You really can't go home again....
I’m a bigmouth – yeah I know it I wanna get things moving – but don’t know where I’m going and I’m a loser – but I don’t know what I’ve lost Or what I am – or what I’m not… When the world comes tumbling down around my ears And I’m surrounded – all I hear is one word: Why, why, why, why…. Is there no one I can run to when I’m tired And cold and hungry And my life feels like a lie I can’t believe – I don’t know why I can’t believe when I try so hard… So I’m useless – and it ain’t too pretty To lean on nothing – Gods get lost in the city and I feel helpless – before this lust and power and greed Give me what I want – not what I need…. When the world..... I’m a joker a fool and a clown with a painted smiling face Solemn words and columns of air to hold me in my place Mother Mary I’m sorry I’m sorry – I’m too damn lazy to pray… Do you think you could save me anyway
Someone turn off the TV – I can’t do it It’s just too far away… Nothing ever moves me – I sit here Motionless for days… Oh, my friend you knew me but I’ve changed Lately I’ve been acting very strange…. My, my… heathens on my left – pagans on my right How am I supposed to sleep at night With all that bloody racket right outside my window… I can’t even hear my lifeboat sinking… No one ever comes here – it’s pointless… And silence serves me well So as I disappear Would you love me – Like I never loved myself Hiding like a coward, safe and warm Where no one else can hurt me anymore…. Heathens on my left..... Oh my friend forgive my lack of faith I never really wanted to be saved... Heathens,,,,,
When the world blows through my window And the night comes down in sheets And the moon cuts bitter shadows On a cool electric dream And I hear that freedom rising From a blacktop two-lane road What a way to feel like flying when there's nowhere left to go Oh - and I'm feeling alright as the radio cries.... Dreaming America Everybody gets so caught up in the cost Of their homes and their cars and their bills and their jobs Does anybody even notice they're lost And don't know where they're going at all? What a strange world.... I can feel my body burning Every time the sun goes down I can feel the world turning Like a rumble underground Like a shotgun - distant thunder And the rain is sweet and cold And the day won't drag me under 'Cos the night won't let me go And I'm feeling so alive when the radio cries.... Dreaming America..... These clouds have covered the earth since long before we were here Big clouds keep on moving No matter what we do down here.... I can feel that freedom risin'......
I bolt up in bed from another dream Sound in my head from another scream Standing alone on a narrow ledge You’re on the phone…. I’m on the edge You break me down when you call me up You say you’re sorry and it’s not enough but It’s hard to remember you belong to her To remember she always comes first Hard to remember where your loyalties lay It’s hard to remember when you touch me that way…. Everything hurts just a little more Knowing it’s her you leave me for What do you need that you can’t give up? And why are you with me if you’re so in love? I guess it doesn’t occur to you That when you’re gone I might be feeling used… Everything I see in the mirror is a good day bad day Everything I need to hear you’ll never say… Everything I know is the truth I’ll never face Everything I want is caught up in the sound of you driving away….
I think I tried to call you on the phone I left a message for you – no one home I’m sorry but I don’t remember all your names Father lover son or brother – it’s all the same I’m still here staring at the mirror – I can see you Clearer than I could when I was home And you know I’m stoned and crying – old And trying hard to fall apart Before I’m broken by the storm ‘Cos you’re so cold… I can understand the cross you have to bear I can see the scars of loss too – nothing’s fair Funny how the circle’s endless – no escape Reaching out to touch forgiveness – finding pain… Chorus I feel I’m lying for some reason Like the bruises are all my fault – But you got angry much too easy And you justify it all… Chorus….
Bring me water - send a flood Who'd have thought the old man had so much blood Send me pictures of the life you left in fear You gave up this one thing Just to keep my body here Down here - you are not me You are NOT the kind of person I was hoping I could be What a question - lies that march in two by two And now they're all useless I realized it too soon - so how are we even Your talk of brassy dreams and beer Hold me silent while I rest my body here.... Round here, down here.... You are NOT the kind of person I was hoping I could be - down here.... And the hole's much deeper than the burned out world inside your head And I saw your keeper walking dreams in black and red And it's not that easy - but the way from here is twice as hard And I know you don't believe me.... But you are not me...... And you are not the kind of person I was hoping I could be Bring me water..... send a flood.....
Why do you love what so corrupts you This black umbrella in the sun Will only lie to you Exploit you and betray you and Make you want to run for comfort From me to anybody… You carve your heart in stone Put your clothes on and go home I just need to be alone… Don’t know what I really wanted… You should be honored by this honesty.... I only share it with a few.... Maybe I’ve gone insane - I can prove I went there willingly It’d be so unfair after all you’ve been through to drag you there too… You think you know me well But you only see my shell You'll never ask and I swear to God I'll never tell.... I don't know what......


Well, what can I tell you - this is yet another great big pile of dirty laundry from the 90s. Ten more demos - a couple, I think, are arranged versions of acoustic songs elsewhere on this site.


released September 5, 2020


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Princess Carrie Graham

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